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Do You Have A Success Mindset? Lifestyle 

Do You Have A Success Mindset?

Having a success mindset is one of the most valuable innermost strengths that we can possess. It’s an extremely positive way of thinking that provides us with the willpower and the determination to make serious changes in our lives, the foundation for lifestyle design.

Lifestyle design is generally thought of as an unconventional means to a great life and most would just love to get outside of the norm and design the lifestyle they truly want, but lifestyle design is not always outside of what we know to be everyday life.
What is it that holds you back?

Could it be your family, your job, a fear of failure, or could it simply be that many of you are just not able to grasp this much needed successful mindset?
Perhaps we’ve been conditioned by our upbringing to think small, think “normal”, the forty years and a gold watch type of thinking.

Everyone is different as we’re all individuals with our own way of thinking, but here are a few of my thoughts on how to begin the process of developing a successful mindset and keeping this as a part of your daily lives.
Define what success means to you.

This clearly has a different meaning to each individual and I think it’s so very important to understand within you, what you would consider success.
For some, it may mean building a multi-million dollar corporation, while others would be ecstatic to work for themselves and have financial independence and the freedom to work just a few hours each week without such a large income.

Until we understand what this means for each of us individually, developing a successful mindset and finding what you envision as success may be difficult.
Be grateful for what you have.

There’s a certain inner peace and solitude that comes with being grateful. When you look around the world and see the suffering of others you should feel very grateful to have avoided such a struggle in life. There’s always someone who’s worse off than you, so rather than feel like a failure because you haven’t been able to purchase that new expensive car of your dreams, be grateful that you had the freedom of thought to have that item on your mind in the first place.
Recognize negativity.

This seems so simple and most will say “of course I recognize negativity” but do you really? We’re sometimes blinded by friendships and fail to recognize the negativity associated with the relationship, dismissing it as “that’s just Joe being Joe” behavior. The fact is this, Joe is a negative thinker who brings that type of energy consistently, but because he’s a long-time friend, it’s accepted and excuses are made for his behavior.

Finding quiet time to really think and focus on your own negative thoughts will expose the negativity of others and make it clear that you need to distance yourself from this type of energy.

I made a conscious effort some years ago to keep this type of negativity away so I could concentrate on being a more successful person, and yes, I lost a few “friends” but when you see some of them today, it’s clear that it was or the best. For negative thinkers, the only thing that changes is the calendar.
Recognize myths and falsehoods.

Many successful people are considered “lucky”; haven’t you heard that said about someone you know? But who’s to say they didn’t make their own luck by being positive, believing in their own abilities, and taking action to change their quality of life?

As long as you have your physical and mental health, you’re empowered to make a better life for yourself, so your lack of action isn’t bad luck; it’s your failure to take advantage of the gifts you have.

People who consistently fail to motivate themselves into action are always quick to tell you how something will not work for you. How would they know when they’ve never really tried?

Take this environment we’re in now for example. How many times have you heard someone say that you can’t make lots of money online, or Jack Sprat’s program doesn’t work, or it’s a scam? The program didn’t work for them because they didn’t work the program.
Dare to dream.

Have the audacity to dream and want to be someone that you’re not today. Without a vision or a goal leading to an improved lifestyle you’re doomed to complacency.
Be a forward thinker, which is what successful minded individuals are. Yes, I had a great day today, now what about tomorrow?
Learn and then learn some more.

You can never have too much education as knowledge is power. No matter what your profession is, you’ll never know all that there’s to know about the topic. Technologies advance and you’ll have to advance your education to keep pace.
Take some calculated chances.

Doing the same thing that everyone else has done won’t likely advance your cause beyond that of those before you. Take a little risk occasionally and do something different. Yes, there may come a time when you will hitch your wagon to the wrong horse, but at least you were bold enough to try.
Wrap up.

Heaven knows I’ve taken some calculated risks in my time, and have lost my shirt to boot, but it’s these types of situations that help you grow and make you even more determined to be the successful person that you know you are capable of being.

Without a successful mindset it’s already game over. Why exist without ever having giving it your all?

As a positive thinker, I’m positive that you’ll share your thoughts below. What can you share or add to this conversation?

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