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Carrots, Sticks And True Motivation Lifestyle 

Carrots, Sticks And True Motivation

Motivation is an interesting thing, which occurs in varying levels for most people. But, why is that? It’s because the carrot is not enticing enough for you to be truly motivated.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with my boss. He’s an avid runner who runs six miles a day and does most of his thinking when he runs. For me, as you know, it’s surfing. What was interesting is that he wasn’t always a runner. I figured anybody who runs six miles everyday must ran cross country track in high school, but that wasn’t the case.

When he was younger, he broke his leg playing flag football. As a result he had to spend time in physical therapy. Most of the people who came to physical therapy were athletes and had a serious motivation to really push it and recover. My boss told me that getting through physical therapy in order to walk to his car in the parking lot wasn’t the right level of motivation. The carrot was just not enticing enough. So, he decided to run a marathon, which in turn increased his motivation level. Several years later he’s still a runner.

What’s the point to this story? It’s quite simple. If you’re not finding a level motivation to do something, it’s simply because the carrot is not enticing enough. Let’s look at an example that most of us can relate to, our blogs. I remember when I started blogging I had a conversation with Alex at Unleash Reality and said “Yeah, I’ll be happy when I have a job and make a few hundred bucks a month off my blog.” He said “a few hundred, more like a few thousand.” Looking back I didn’t realize the importance of what he said. But, a few thousand dollars is way more enticing than a few hundred. As a result of I’ve really pushed myself far beyond where I thought I would be.

So, what is it about a few thousand dollars that makes you work harder to achieve the goal? Personal development guru, Tony Robbins often says part of the reason that people don’t achieve goals is because the goals are not exciting enough. The idea of having extra cash to pay my utilities from a blog is really not that exciting. Sure, it’s nice, but at the end of the day I can pay my utilities with my paycheck. The idea of financial independence and no longer being dependent on a job for income is actually much more exciting.

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